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Do I need to purchase a pass to attend the event?

Passes are not required, as the event is FREE entry for all! Passes are available for those who are looking the complete foodie experience at a very reasonable price.

Where can I purchase passes?

Passes are easy available online and at select outlets in Trinidad and Tobago, which will be announced soon. Passes can be purchased directly on our website here or Eventbrite here.

What outlets are selling physical passes?

Please stay tuned as we release this information.

I purchased a pass online. How does entry work?

If you've purchased your pass online, you may print out your pass or show us your device at the entrance. A barcode will be located on every ticket purchased online, allowing us to scan you in for easy entry. Passes permit entry for only one guest for this event.

Where to I collect my cup, wristband & additional pass perks?

Once you've been scanned in at our entry, our guest services team will assist you to receive your wristband and additional perks.

Can I redeem my meal chits on anything?

Each meal chit has a $35TT value. All food & drink vendors will feature at least (2) menu items valued at this price. For higher priced menu items, you must pay the difference. Chits are not redeemable at marketplace vendors.

Can I get premium drinks with the Fully Loaded Pass?

Premium drinks are only available with our VIP Pass and for purchase from the bar.

Will passed be available for purchase at the event?

Passes are available in limited quantities prior to the event. We will update accordingly if passes will be sold at the door.

Are coolers allowed?

Coolers are not permitted. 

Is there parking available?

There is parking available near and around the venue. We recommend carpooling to help reduce congestion. We currently do not offer parking passes.

Where is the entrance located?

Entry is via the southern entrance of Queen's Park Savannah. The entrance is directly opposite of BP / Haagen Dazs. Please stay tuned as we will be releasing an easy to reference festival guide with map.

May I leave and re-enter the venue?

Re-entry is permitted. Guests however will be asked to pass through security again. Once a Pass has been scanned into our system, Pass Holders will not receive any additional wristbands, cups or perks.

Do I have to use my Pass Holder cup?

Yes. Our bars will only serve you in your designated cup with wristband for identification.


Can I share my cup?

No. Each cup entitled the Pass Holder only to drinks. The Organizer has the right to remove wristbands of Pass Holders who are using their cup or perks for others.

Do I get free food & drink at the Tastemaker Sessions?

Yes! Our Tastemaker Sessions provide attendees of each session with full-sized samples. Please stay tuned as we release our enticing schedule.


Which vendors will be at Bessfest?

Our vendor list will be up here soon. Stay tuned!

So, food and drink are free?

No. Admission is free, you purchase directly from the vendors. Though our sponsors have many freebies throughout the event, please walk with cash to support our incredible vendors.

How do I purchase items from vendors?

You purchase directly from vendors. Please walk with cash.

Do you have vegetarian & vegan vendors?

Yes! We have a range of vegan and vegetarian vendors. Our list of vendors will be available soon.

Do you have halal vendors?

Yes! We have a range of halal vendors. Oust list of vendors will be available soon.

Is there a bar?

Yes! Drink cards will be available for purchase and is the only method of payment at our bar.

What is a drink card?

This year, we're removing physical chits and implementing RFID technology, where you can purchase your value in chits, and have them easily loaded onto our drink cards. When you go up to the bar, you'll simply just tap your card to complete your purchase. 

How can I check my balance?

There will be a balance checker available where you can easily check your drink card balance.

How do I pay for my drink card?

Cash. We are currently not accepting credit card, cheque or linx.

Can I reload my card?

Yes! Top up at our purchase station located at the front of the venue.


How will I be able to access the VIP perks?

VIP foodies will be provided with distinguished wristband that will allow them easy access to areas & perks.

How do I access the Tastemaker Sessions?

With your VIP wristband, you'll be able to easily access the Tastemaker Sessions. 

I purchased a Fully Loaded Pass, am I to upgrade to the VIP Pass?

Please contact us at so we can asssist with pass upgrades.

Do I get free food & drink at the Tastemaker Sessions?

Yes! Our Tastemaker Sessions provide attendees of each session with full-sized samples. Please stay tuned as we release our enticing schedule.

What is the VIP Lounge?

The VIP Lounge provides you with private lounge seating, bar and bubbly bar so you can relax and enjoy the event without the crowds. The VIP Lounge is also conveniently located beside the Tastemaker Kitchen.


I'm interested in being a vendor at Bessfest. How do I apply?

Vendor applications are now open. We receive hundreds of requests, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Please contact us at with your business name and brief details on what you sell. 

I'm interested in covering the event. How do I get in touch?

For media requests please contact with further details. 

I'm interested in sponsoring Bessfest / would like to submit a proposal.

Please address this to our Festival Director, Vanessa Maharaj at for any sponsorship, proposals or additional top-level submissions only.

I would like to work at Bessfest. Do you have any employment opportunities?

Thank you for your interest. We are currently are fully staffed and are not hiring for additional positions.

Is the event kid-friendly?

Yes! We have a kids zone, ample seating, entertainment and many kid-friendly vendors for them to enjoy.

I have another question/comment.

Please e-mail and we'll happy to assist.

Do you offer accommodation packages?

Please e-mail and we'll happy to assist with accommodation packages.

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